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Frozen Cauliflower

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Frozen Cauliflower

​Size: 1.5cm-2.0mm,20 - 40mm, 30 - 50mm,

Quick frozen broccoli florets are prepared from fresh, clean, sound immature inflorescence shoots, which are free from fibre by an appropriate freezing process.

The products has regular shape, best quality and good taste. Material comes from the fields which are belonging to our company, we are do our best to make sure our products are safe, healthy and delicious and meet the requirement of all the customers.

At present we have got the cert of HACCP. BRC. IFS. EUREGAP. KOSHER.

You are warmly invited to login in our website to know more. Should you interested with some of our products pls don't hesitate to contact me, I will send our best quotations to you promptly! 

Outer packing: 10kg/ctn

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