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Chinese Dry Noodles

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Chinese Dry Noodles

Dried Noodles 1000g Buckwheat Noodle
1) We promise that we do not add any additive at all.
2) Wheat planting area is located in nanyang city, henan province, where is famous as the central granary of China, base in the water South-North Water Transfer Project, the original natural resources advantages.
3) For the production process, we have 9 flatten extensions technique so that the noodles can be well-proportioned extensions.
4) The procedures of low heat oven drying. This procedures make the water element distillate the wheat slowly and symmetrically, compare the high heat oven dry technique, the tastes and quality are better.

Q: Accepted OEM?

A: Yes, ODM and OEM.

Q: Which flour you use? 

A: The first special wheat flour. 

Q: Can cook it as Udon? 

A: same but different, usually 3-5mins boiling in hot water. 

Q: How you print shelf life on the package? 

A: Using the ink jet printer. 

Q: How long you need prepare the order?

A: Production time for order is 10-15 days. delivery time to Port of Qingdao is 3days.

Q: Do you make stickers?

A: Yes, we do make the stickers for customers.

Q: Did you sell for domestic market?

A: Yes,as one of the top ten noodle brand,our products have dominated and hold significant proportion in China.

Q: How about your QC standard?

A: We have 3 steps for QC.

1) Check the raw materials, water source before the production started.

2) Check the details process like the thickness measuring or check the water level when it started the dough making process per half hour.


3) Check the ready-make package, products and stocks. 

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